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Introducing Cohazards Mob

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Very nice fish and I love the look of your tank :)

Thank you Prin, I wanted a Zen look, but sometimes the red gives me more of a royal impression. i dunno, guess it depends on my mood lol

I love your photos of Doom, he looks so dramatic!

Thank you haha I really want to shoot pictures of happy fish like what I see on the forum, the dramatic effect wasn't intentional lol

Well if you did good on the other plants, Anubias will be so much easier. :thumb:

You're right, all of the anubias have a new left all at the same time wow! I've had anubias in the past and they either got covered in algae or just didn't grow at all. That was in dedicated planted tanks though. These seem to be growing pretty fast, I guess they love the goldfish fertilizer and 50% wc's every other day.

I don't think I have been to a few of those places...of course, I don't have room in my tank so I probably shouldn't go look.

Sounds like you know that 'looking' is never just looking lol

I revisited a place today called Golden Sun. Last time I went their fancies were all sick and had infections. Their koi weren't much better, but seemed to be more watched over. Well the place was closed, but you can see some of the tanks past a chainlink fence and they have healthy looking fancies.

I'm planning to stop by tomorrow since the guy who runs the place seems to never honor his closing time of 6pm lol I'll take pics and share tomorrow night.

This other place I went to has an awesome red base calico ranchu for $50. I'm planning on picking her up tomorrow.

Really awesome fishes. Especially Doom!

Nice Tank too! it was really well thought of! =)

Thank you Kozu! I'll admit this is the only tank I've ever setup with a picture in mind before starting. All my other setups sort of evolved over time, but this one was a clear vision. I was inspired by the red Torii decoration sold at petco :)

Oh Serg :) it's so nice to see you here again :)

I still LOVE your tank :) and all your Babies are looking Fantastic as always!!!!

Hopes to see you around more :)

Hi Shell! Good to see you :) Even though I haven't been keeping goldfish for a few years since the sad day I lost Pearl and the others, I have seen your video updates on youtube. Your fish look great and I model my goldfish tank after the clean healthy looking tanks you have. Thanks for the kind words, I hope to see you around too.

Love the background colour!!

Thank you Jojo (that's my family nickname lol )

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