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Air Circulation, Evaporation, and Aeration question...

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Hey all,

I'm in the design phase of a tank stand. I've decided to go with a wet/dry filter and overflow for a 37-gallon tank, so I'm building this stand with room under it for the sump and room behind it for the overflow and an aquaclear HOB for redundancy. I'm also putting a hood over the whole thing to keep my cats from swimming in it.

But with the first design I'm noticing that I have about 0 airflow through the cabinet (though it is pretty open within the whole.

With moderate/heavy planting, a wet/dry filter, and a HOB, how much actual air exchange needs to be happening?

No part of the cabinet is remotely air tight, it would just get slightly stale. But with three-times-per day feeding and bi-weekly water changes it isn't like it would be closed up all day.

I'm probably overthinking it...

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Do you not have it opened in the back? I think that air exchange is important, and all the stands that I have are open in the back :)

Well, it doesn't fully exist yet, but I was wanting to put a back on it to prevent any sort of moisture damage to my wall...

But I can put air holes with fans. I have 2 extra computer fans that I got to circulate air in the tank, but never used them because I bought the wrong ones they have always-on LED lights, but it wouldn't matter in the inside of my tank stand.

I have a friend who is an electrical engineer and he's going to help me build it...

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