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my goose

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Oh i really like the Rainbow shinning through :thumb:

In the Second and third photo you can see the stomach :yikes that is so impressive :)

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It has been about 20 days since the fries started to eat food, but the size of the fish is much smaller than I expected. And much of them were dead because of bad water condition. There are 100 fries alive till now.

The difference between the biggest and the smallest is compared:




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That is quite a difference. The big guy seems to be coming along nicely though. His tail has nice deffintion and his little eyes are adorable. :) Good luck with the rest of them. :)

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What happened to the babies? I'm just catching up on this thread I hope some have pulled through.

Thank you for your attention! These are the photos taken just now:







Although they are growing slowly, I am glad to see that they are getting bigger~

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Silly me, I thought goose was the fish's name!! Shows what I know. She is a beauty!

Your fry photos are simply AMAZING. The best I've seen.

Keep the pics coming! The fry are adorable!

Thank you !

Update the pics:

they are bigger, I can see someone's scales now.



they are in different size



And this is their father in the same container:





And their goose mather






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Wow. You're doing an amazing job, look how big they've gotten. Congratulations. Will some be goose head and some the lemon head ranchu, or will they be a mix of the two? Thanks for the update. :)

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I love the white and blue ones!! And the pandas, and the red and blacks, and the blacks, and the red and white (I have a red and white). And the orange... never seen the purple, I'll have to look them up! I just like orandas...

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