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Pics of my new betta boy.... Finally haha

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Well I finally decided to be non-lazy and take pictures of my new betta boy :)

May I introduce to you: Frank Sinatra (the boyfriend named him as usual haha)




It is super hard to get a picture of him flaring. Even with a mirror held up he rarely flares..... He's a big sissy boy haha

And here is some pictures of Loretta, my betta girl, just because she loves to pose :heart





And here is my little baby bristlenose. I couldn't get a very good pictue of him because he decided he was afraid of the camera. Usually he is very friendly


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Thanks guys :) I picked him because he is litteraly see-through when there is light behind him. You can see his swim bladder perfectly and some of his organs too.

I still havent fully decided whether Loretta is actually a girl or not, but since it is her name, I'm going to stick with her being a girl haha

And I love all plecos, but bristlenoses have the cutest faces :)

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Great looking fish. :) The only time I say my betta flare was when I put him in a tank with some dwarf gouramis. My female betta flares all the time. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks again :)

Fang I got him at my favorite LFS in the city about 2 hrs from here. They keep all their bettas in tanks and it is just the greatest place ever :heart . He was kept in a tank with a school of neon tetras so I was thinking maybe I could get some to go in his tank with him since he is so calm and used to being with fish

Mr. B my female is a crazy woman too! She flares at everything and trys to attack the syphon when I clean the tank haha. She is evil. I'm not used to having such a calm betta haha

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