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More new pics. and new friends,too?! (lots of pictures!)

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Hopefully you guys don't get sick of my constant updates.

And Patches' tail is growing back quite nicely,might I add(If any of you remember the bit of rot I had going on a month or so ago that hit Patches pretty bad.)














Banana plant shot off after re-doing the 10G and losing a leaf.Hopefully they do this well with the goldies!


And now to do my duty of informing you all (even if it is 4 days late... :P),of the purchase of some desirable(to me,at least. been wanting these types for quite some time)new goldies!

Meet Jeeves...



One bubble is slightly smaller than the other,which I'm assuming means it was popped at one point, but I really don't care. He's still adorable. <3

And Leo!



Lionhead or Lionchu? I'm leaning more towards Lionhead.

They now share the bottom 29G.Not sure who's going to move down from the top to live with them yet.






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Great looking fish, Jeeves has some intense coloring. Please send your yellow oranda to me.PLEASE!!!!! :)

xD Sorry, Alice is staying right here where he is. I do believe another member here had a lemonhead oranda,but I don't think they're active anymore.

Congrats on the new additions! I love that last picture of Jeeves :rofl

Why thank you. He's turning out to be such a little goofball.

Cute! I love the thermometer in the pot rofl

It's the newest trend in barebottom tanks,didn't ya know? xD

Oh my gosh...I am sooooo in love with the eye shadow and lipstick on Leo! Too cute!

I've only seen the lipstick/eyeshadow combo on one other fish before,and that was the pearlie my mom had.

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Love love love your pearlscale! He's so chubby and cute. Definitely a lionhead for Leo -- he's a very nice one at that.

Thank you. My pearlie is the biggest guy I have right now. Both in length and width. xD
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Thankies. :3 I knew the moment I saw Alice (the lemonhead) that he'd be coming home with me.

Updates are fun. Another may be coming within a week or so,depending on when I can get my hands on some new plants. Been thinking of adding a couple smaller anubias to the top tank.

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