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pics, new fish

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Well the OH couldn't wait for a new fish, ended up with a panda telescope in the tank, currently treating for flukes and salting, borrowed the good camera from work (im getting a new roof and wanted pics), while ive got the camera thought it would be nice to try and get some nice shots.



food normally found here, where is it?


sneak peak of the new guy checking up on the oldie


Poser shot


from the right


from the left ;)


finally a group shot (sorta lol) :)


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Congrats on the new Addition :) They are all lovely :) lucky you to find a panda ;) enjoy :)

bought him at maidenhead aquatics, they had loads of them in stock, i would of liked to have done the whole quarantine with him but i had two obstacles, the other half would have killed me, and the flat roof which contains the kitchen/bathroom/back hall is leaking through, and because it hasn't stopped raining the roofer hasn't been able to come in and replace the roof so i need all spare containers :krazy: plan is to just do all the treatments in the main tank, the fluke treatment doesn't seem to effect the filter media, and no problems so far :)

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