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New Goldfish (Pics Now Included)

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Hi all,

As some of you will know by now, I'm going away for the winter and previously had no idea what to do with my goldfish! I've just had some really good news, however; my Dad said that he'd keep up on tank maintenance for me. He even said he'd do it my way, previously he used to think tanks need cleaning out once a month at most, so for him to listen is a big change in luck. So I'm going to keep the fish in the main tank and let my Dad deal with them, the others will go in the pond. I'll increase the filtration on the pond, cover and heat it and that should help them through the winter.

So now that I know my fish will be alright, I decided to get another fish. I spoke to Andy Green at Star Fisheries and told him that I wanted either a ranchu or ryukin, about 3inches, something to help finish of the tank for me to enjoy this summer. He said I could wait 3 weeks for some large calicos, or, he had a little tri colour that he's been rearing himself. He reckons that the colours are really strong and that there is a high chance the black should last. Apparently, the fish has excellent shape and a high hump for a young fish. I can't wait!

I've asked for the fish to be delivered next Friday so that I have time to set the QT tub up and sort all the tanks out, my last fish from Star Fisheries is amazing, so I'm excited to see what this one will be like!

Thanks for reading

dnalex edit 4/27/12: There are now pics, beginning with post#19 :D

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oh wow! they're all awesome!..

i want this guy please!


i wanna call him moocow!

I was thinking that same thing... well, except for the name, lol. Thats the one that caught my eye though.

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Yeahhhuuuupp, that's the one. I've found his prices are pretty reasonable, especially for the only real high quality fancy goldfish provider in the UK! It all depends on what you want, obviously you pay for quality. He gave me a really great price for the ryukin I've ordered.

I felt a bit guilty as I said to him I'm looking for something a bit special to finish my tank, but don't have much to spend unfortunately, and he lined me up with this fish that he's reared from a young age so that he can try to keep the tri colouring. He's also letting me have it for a really decent price!

Stakos, he can ship globally, get in touch! He might still have a similar ranchu about :)


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He's arrived! Seems really healthy, I'm letting him settle down, then hopefully a few pictures later. :D

I don't like the word "later" :read

Haha, couple more hours of work and then they'll be up!

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