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Help! I think my fish has septicemia


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Hello all. About a couple of weeks ago I lost one of my goldfish to what I beleive was septicemia. She has red streaks all over her fins and tail. She didn't show any symptoms until the day that she passed away:(

Shortly after she died another one of my fish started to act weird and wasn't eating. I thought that he had the same thing so I put him in my QT and treated him with maracyn 2 for five days. After the treatment I kept him in there for an additional few days to see if he was ok to go back to the main tank. He was back to normal, therefore yesterday I put him back in the main tank.

Now another one of my fish is starting to act strange, Shortly after I put the other fish in the QT, I noticed that this fish had the same streaks ke the other fish that passed away did. Beleive me, these aren't vains, they are streaks. He still eats and moves around, but he seems like he is getting worse. He just kinda lazies around looking like he isn't feeling well. He has several on his tail and one on one of his lower anal fins. I tried to get a video of it, but I am not sure if you can see them or not, but they are there.

He still eats so at least I have time to figure out what is wrong with him, but I fear that this won't go away and he will progressively get worse.

My tank is as follows:

My aquarium size is 55 gallons. It has been running for about six months now.

I have four filters on the tank: one aquaclear 70, whisper 50-70, powerhead with sponge, penguin biowheel for 50 gallons.

I do weekly 50% water changes.

Last water changes was Sunday I changed 50% of the water.

There are currently four four inch goldfish.

I use amquel plus and aquanova plus.

I have been feeding them hikari lionhead pellets twice a day. Brine shrimp twice a week.

My current water perameters are: Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 15 Ph: 7.2

Here is the video:


Let me know what you guys think, thanks:)

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Could you have pics and/or a video of your whole set up please?

Also, if you could answer the following:

- how thick is the gravel in the tank? how often do you vacuum the gravel?

- what media do you use for your filters? please describe filter maintenance routine.

- do you have any hollow ornaments?

- do you use carbon?

- have you ever treated for flukes?

The reason I'm asking all these questions is that by now, it's become very clear that there is something in the tank that continues to affect your fish. You could take individual fish out and treat the problem, but it seems that you have not removed the source of the pathogenic bacteria.

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To answer your question tithra, this is a different fish, the one from the other post is all better now.

My gravel is a little thick in that tank, but I am slowly removing the gravel.

I had two hollow ornaments in the tank, I removed one last Sunday, I'll remove the other this Sunday.

I vacuum the gravel out once a week when I do a water change.

As far as the filters, I don't really use carbon, I have sponges in my aquaclear, in my penguin and whisper, I have tetra cartriges. he one in the penguin I removed the carbon, so its basically just like a sponge. The tetra whister has carbon in the filters, but the carbon is long expired. I haven't really changed those out in a while becuse they are covered in Benificial bacteria.

I have not treated for flukes.

Here is the video of the tank and the setup:


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I think the thing to do now is that you will need to step up on the maintenance routine a bit, as your tank is telling you it needs a little more attention. Although it looks like your nitrate levels are pretty decent, I think you should consider either doing two 50% weekly or one large 80-90% WC each week.

You will also need to remove all but about 1/4 inch of gravel. This is the most dangerous and often overlooked place in terms of pathogen-brewing sites. Also, at 1/4 inch, you will have a much easier time thoroughly vacuuming.

Filter media does not need to be thrown out, but does need to be rinsed well on a regular basis. You won't get rid of your beneficial bacterial by doing that, and you should rinse all at once. Since you have 4 filter types on your tank, I would start by rinsing one media set per week, so that you end up having a 1 month rotating schedule for them.

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Ok, what should I do about the fish with the streaks. As far as the filter mantainence, I will work on that. Like I said I am changing the gravel so I won't have so much.

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hey just a question.. lets say you forgot to save your old water from the WC and threw it out... could you still rinse your filter media in fresh water that has been conditioned? or is it vital that the media be cleaned out in old tank water..? what would you guys suggest?

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For the fish with the streaks, you could either take him out and do daily 100% water changes in QT, or you could salt up to 0.2% (increments of 0.1%) AND daily WCs.

Monkey, you can use old tank water OR any dechlorinated water lol.

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