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baby goldfish girl is a boy!


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Mrs Goldone here.

I think our baby girl is a boy! Thick front of pectoral fins.

This morning I found my big girl tail all torn up (just found out she was a fantail) and there had been sign of fighting (bites) all over everybody.

All I know for sure is that Big Fantail Girl is a Girl.

I have to gender the others and separate them. Luckily I have an extra tank and two cycled filters.

Main Tank is 75gal, ammonia 0, high Ph 8.8, nitrite 0, nitrate is warm yellow but the card has the same lemon yellow color as ammonia, so I don't know what to think, but is definitely not orange.

Test is drops in bottles from API Freshwater Master and Mini Test Kits.

Water changed 3 days ago, 90%. Enough for Big Goldfish Girl to swim upright.

No sign of anything wrong. Ich and other things.

There has never been a problem between Silver girl and Big Gold Fish Girl but Baby has always been more aggressive.

We got him? from fry he is 4, now.

I now remember that he had to be separated before but gave us the moping treatment in the other tank which is placed on the other side of the big tank, so they can see each other.

Due to aggression which seems to be triggered by visual cues,??it might be smarter to keep the side that looks to the other tank blocked in some way.

From now on, we will separate them when the water temperature gets warmer.

Please chime in and let me know if you can think of something else. Our Big Goldfish Gild looks exhausted.

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No, no pleco. Just my 3 goldfishes.

After doing all the water testing, I did pea feeding and everybody was feisty then calmly foraged.

I know that Big Goldfish Girl is for sure a girl since she made eggs during previous Springs, I could not see any breeding pearls anywhere on the presumed Baby Goldfish Boy, the pectoral fins are just thicker.

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