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Eggs for breakfast? Why thank you!


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Finally! The long awaited.... VIDEO!!!! Has a wine glass ever been so full of cute? I THINK NOT

(I apologized to them profusely for putting them in the glass, but it was the only way I could get a video of them)

If you pause the video at 0:13 you can see the fry "Tiny Tim" who is the same age as all the other fry in the glass but looks about 2 weeks old. AT 0:29 you'll notice me follow one fry around in particular, that's my boy with no tail (we've named him 'Pedo (Like TORpedo, not a creeper lol). Hope you enjoyed it! More to come =)

For your own sake turn OFF the volume, unless you like the sound of a gurgling bubbler and heavy breathing XD


Oh my god. Please add an 'e' to his name... ;)

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