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My mom's Goldfish Tank. :)


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So my mom's birthday is the 19th of this month but I will not be able to vist her then so we had a early party for her on monday. :)

My mom has 4 single tail goldfish, she got them a few years ago from the feeder tank at a petstore. They are very healthy and active. So for her birthday I got her a 50 gallon tank with stand and everything. I also got her a strong filter and two bubblers for extra filteration. :)




The large orange common is Goldie, the all white common is Mime, the orange comet is James, and the orange and white comet is Pine Needle (he is actually my fish that lives with my mom's goldfish. lol).






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WOW~~~you are such a good daughter, the tank REALLY nice. The goldfish look happy and healthy :clapping: On a FYI note...my mom's birthday is the 19th also............but she doesn't do fish so her gift will NOT be a nice tank, stand and all the extras :lol:

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What a nice present for everyone! Cute fishies. They'll be so much happier with all that room.


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