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Fry update! with photos!


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Here's my oranda babies from Sammy and Dean :D

I moved both lots (the originals and the bathtub rescues) into the 60L tall tank a little while ago. They seem to be having lots of fun in there!

I'm not sure how many there are. I'd guess around 15-20. Most are joint tail, single anal fins. Some tripod tails, some completely weird tails, and a few split tails with double anal fins.

One of them has a split butterfly tail!!! He's white, as opposed to bronze, and wiggles when he swims. So very cute. I'm not sure if he's got something wrong with his fins coz they're transparent, hopefully not coz I'd love to keep him! I'm not sure if he's in these pictures or not.

So here's some photos. Enjoy!

This little guy is the first to change colour. He's going the same colour as his daddy was when I first got him - gold/orange with black fins, but with white patches on his sides.


Here's him from the side :D INT HE CUTE?! He's a tripod tail, single anal fin.


Here's some of the others;








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Thanks guys! They're very entertaining. <3

Awwwww. They're cute. :) What are you planning on doing with them?? Do you have a pond by chance? Thanks for sharing.

I guess I'll have to sell them eventually, though if I do they're going to a pond only. We do have a pond of our own but it's for our 50+ ducks and connects to the local waterway, sooo legally they can't go in there. I'd like a pond one day but I think these guys are going to grow faster than I can afford one.

So cute!!! How old are they?

Honestly I have no idea. 8D I wasn't really thinking when I fished the first lot out, and I don't know how long the second lot were in the bathtub. O: I would GUESS that 1st lot is from October, or mayber even earlier. 2nd from January?

so adorable and tiny! send me one please? :D

OKAY. :3

Such cuties! You have to be having fun with them! Do you plan to keep any??

I will be keeping one at the very least. :D

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