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Free Convict Cichlids on CL


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Dunno how many people here are in the capital region of New York, but there's some fishies up for grabs it looks like.


From the ad, I'm guessing Convicts are the guppies of the cichlid world.

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Convict cichlids are highly aggressive. I wouldnt classify them as guppies of any world. Freshwater Angels, Rams are less aggressive, but Convicts will kill other fish if there isnt enough space.

You can only keep a pair, and sometimes (very rare) even that doesnt work.

Good news is they are super easy to keep , very hardy, super easy to breed (once every 2 weeks), easy to differentiate male and females , easy beginner cichlids (if you have enough space... especially if you want to raise the fry) and they look amazing.

I think you can keep a pair in a 20 gallon.

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