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What a little treasure!


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I walked into a lfs after picking up my instrument, just to check out their price on the Emperor 280 filter. ($20 cheaper than the place in town.) Naturally I had to look through the bettas, since last time I was there, the guy who owned the place said he'd be getting a new "shipment" in a few weeks (He goes to Jersey and picks them all out himself.). Once I got past the dragons, boom. My eyes fell upon this guy,and I knew he was coming home with me.

As some of you may recall, I mentioned in a previous thread about my dream betta being an orange or yellow.

Meet Clemens, my mostly orange betta!



I am so beyond excited about finding him. I don't even care that he's not all orange.I think his clear/white tail fins make him more interesting.

His new home:


Those rocks are pieces of colored glass I found in the attic that my dad had used in his tanks. They're all arranged in a way to make little caves under them for the shrimp I plan on getting.

I'm so happy. Going to go release him into his new home now! No more bags for him. <3

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:3 I think he's starting to recognize me already. Everytime I walk over near the tank,he turns around and looks at me. Doesn't come over to me yet,though.

Now that I finally figured out how to turn down the flow on the filter, I'm sure he'll be much happier.

I'll probably have more pictures later today, of both Clemens and my mom's betta, Blackbeard.

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He's already much better off than my previous bettas. He's currently got the 10G all to himself,heated up to a nice 80*.

Can't wait until I have everything to redecorate the tank the way I want it ,and until I get some friends for him. Cherry Shrimp and 1-2 Ramshorns are currently on the to-add list.

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