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Finrot Or Something More?

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I'm treating for finrot right now with melafix. But my big common is getting worse. He is all white so maybe the signs are just showing up better on him. He started with a split in his tail. Then his tail had some red streaks in it. Then his other fins started to show red. Now some scales are turning red. Is this something more than finrot? He looks aweful. He's very special to me! I gotta get him better!

Checked the water in the hospital tank...

nitrate-40 (a little high, I'm gonna do a water change in a minute)




temp. 76

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Hi eatherhey,

Unfortunately Melafix alone doesn't treat bacterial finrot; it merely helps to heal torn fins.

If the fish has red streaks appearing on its body as well as its fins then it has an internal bacterial infection which needs treating with broad-spectrum antibiotics. Something like Maracyn and Maracyn 2 combined or Spectogram would be ideal; Medigold would be even better if you have it.

Hope this helps. :)

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