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My Tropical Tank

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Finally got this tropical tank set up!! There are fake plants and real plants. I have my male betta, five rasboras, five long-finned zebra danios, and a bristlenose pleco. :) So far everyone's getting along and everyone's eaten dinner. My betta is zooming around like he's been placed in betta heaven. He loves exploring in and around all the plants. :D






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Rai, your tank looks great! The fish are beautiful, and I especially love - now guess!! - the pleco! That picture is so awesome :D

Thank you! I really like the pleco too. I really wanted to get a pleco and try them out. They're really interesting. :D

Very nice set up Rai :) Congrats and I love that little turtle dude you have as well :) Is your Gravel black or dark blue?I'm really liking it :)

hehe, the turtle came with the bag of goodies I got with the tank. I had to use it. :rofl:) It's black. The tank light gives everything a blue hue to it though. Makes Mr. betta look extra gorgeous. :D

love the tank! I want to start a tropical tank soon....

geeze this hobby gets expensive, lol

Thanks~!! And yes, yes it does. :o:)

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