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Now I have three Bettas!


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I have had many Bettas, a total of over 25 over the years. But I have not had any since about a year ago. A few weeks ago I got a CT from Walmart I named Hong Ki:



Today I went to Petco to buy fish food and came across these two! They were both labled HMs but I told the manager they looked like Deltas to me, she agreed, so I got them half off. :)

Meet Onion:



And the other, still not named:



Any suggesions on what the blue/red ones color is called?

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very pretty! I'm so jealous that the petstores in the US seem to have a much bigger variety in bettas than over here. you only ever really see VTs, and not a huge variation in colours either. :(

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Thank you everyone! I love all three of them. :)

Today when I walked in and saw Onion, I had to have him. And for some reason I also could not leave without Man o' War either. lol

I will try to get more pictures of them when they are more settled in their new tanks. :)

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Hong ki as in Leeeeeeeee hong ki oppa? :krazy:

Yes, the one and only. :)

omg, another f.t island fan on Koko's, the LAST place I thought I'd see one. :rofl:D


Yeah I have only come across a few people that listen to Korean bands. :)

(I have FT Island's Hello Hello as my cellphone ringtone. hehe)

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I can already tell everyone's personalities. :)

Hong Ki is very bossy and confident. He flares at me when he wants food, like he is threatening me to feed him. lol

Onion is very shy and polite. He slowly swims to me when I come over and he likes to watch everything around him.

And Man o' War is full of energy and playful. He likes to swim in circles really fast when I look at him and he jiggles at the camera. :)

They are all great little fish. :)

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As of yesterday I now currently have four bettas. My newest betta will be going in his tank today. The others are in 1 gallon filterless tanks with live plants. Right now only 1 tank has an anubias and java fern, the others will be getting their anubias plants soon.

Here they are. :)

Man o' War:




Hong Ki:









The newest, M'iaq:




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