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Black Goldfish?

asian guy

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how do you breed a black goldfish?

what is the genetics behind goldfish colors?

can i just breed a black moor with a ryukin to get a black ryukin? or how will the fry look like?

why is the growth on crown pearlscale different from oranda and lionheads?

will a ryukin X a pearlscale give me a pearlscale with a hump?

is there such thing as a dorsalless ryukin with more width, kinda like a ranchu's width?

is ryukin dominate to oranda, because the my female oranda x male ryukin= slightly oranda head with a ryukin body.

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The only thing that I can add to this is that studies have shown that pearlscales and wen growth is partially dominant, so if one parent has pearlscales or a wen, a percentage of the fry will also show some wen development or pearlscale development. Humps are somewhat the same. I have NO idea about the pearlscale wen versus the oranda/lionhead/ranchu/lionchu wen, and have often wondered the same thing myself. The only thing I can figure out is that the pearlscale gene must somehow also affect the growth of the wen. And as far as color is concerned, I have NO idea whatsoever how to even start answering, I think color genetics are even confusing to the most seasoned goldfish keeper!

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