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Shawn & Gus


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These two guys caught my eye at Petsmart the other day. I love platies and highly recommend these fish to anyone who starts out with tropical fish. They are easy to care for, hardy, adapt easily to a wide range of water parameters, are considerably peaceful and come in a vast variety of colors and even shapes.

Kind of like the tropical version of goldfish :rofl

Anyway, here are the pics of Shawn, Gus and their friends.

Shawn to the left, and Gus to the right


Shawn (bottom) and Gus (top) checking out the val's runners


Closeup Shawn


Closeup Gus


Mickey, Rocket and Lucky (top to bottom)


Closeup Lucky


The Chaos Brothers demanding Gus' lunch money


Sushi hiding to the very right behind the plants. He is so shy, I rarely ever get to see him


Goldie showing Shawn around


Closeup Goldie


The Chaos Brothers deciding on which of the five n00bs to beat up next :lol


This pic of Sushi is older, but I wanted to show all seven of our gorgeous boys :)


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Thank you all!

They are gorgeous. I hear they breed a lot?

Yes, live bearers breed a lot. But this can easily be avoided by sticking with only one gender. You can tell the gender on platies without problems; all my fish are boys :)


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I love your new guys :) are they tuxedos? They are all very pretty/handsome ;) do they get along or are there any probs with all males??

Yes, they're tuxedos :)

They all get along for the most part, but the two biggest and oldest males, Mickey and Rocket, tend to pick on the other five and show who's boss. But since there are five fish to pick on, and a good amount of hidey places no one ever really gets obviously stressed :)

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I really like there colors :thumb:

Thanks, Koko! That's why I got them. I usually don't care much for tuxedos, but these two really got my attention. Especially Shawn, he really stood out, being the only deep orange tuxedo amongst a group of yellow tuxedos.

Gus caught my eye because unlike the other yellow tuxedos, he has an orange caudal. That makes him look like a little rocket :D

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