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Angelfish doing well :)


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I just wanted to update you all on my new Angelfish :) So far so good they still seem a bit skittish when i approach the tank but come out happily when i add a bit of food ;) lol I'm considering moving my gouramis in with them down the road a bit as my mean white skirt tetras are harassing them non stop (who knew they were so aggressive ;)) Does anyone have this combo working out???

Pic's :)



Stripe & Crazy


Stripe again ;)


and just because ...the other tank & fish



Thanks for looking :)

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Glad theyre doing well Shell!

I love Stripe! is s/he a veil? that caudal looks pretty long compared to my angel Odette's and they look to be of a similar body size.

I found Odette skittish for the first few days (she actually headbanged the glass a few times initially which really stressed me out) so I split the tanks feeding into between three and five little portions a day (depending on work schedule) rather than just giving it in one or two, so it meant she got to make the me=food association quicker. After a few days she was totally unafraid of me walking up to the tank. Infact she rushes to the front when I do now lol.

I cant wait to see these guys grow, we can be angel buddies haha ;]

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thanks everyone :) I currently have a school of nine tetras and no I did not know they were related to the paranah :o and my flame gouramis and angels are def my favorites right now :) Can I have them in the same tank??? would love that if its possible :) I'm not sure is gizmo & Stripe are veil tails or not but their fins are def longer than crazy's (black angel) are ...

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