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Update on my sick new orandas


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So, I got my two red-capped orandas Momo, and Bubbles on sunday 12th 2012 and Momo has an internal bacterial infection. I noticed this when I saw that his scales had risen on Thursday, so I was very worried for both of them. I treated the tank with para-cide as I thought it could be an external parasite, and I also added aquarium salt at a dose of 1tsp per 10 gallons. This seemed to have stopped the pineconing a little but I still managed to get him into the vet on saturday.

Turns out he didn't have anything parasitic, so the para-cide treatment was discontinued and he was prescribed flagyl which I have made into a gel food (very badly though!) On saturday afternoon, I tested my water to find I was having an ammonia spike! it was at 0.25ppm but my tank is hopefully just adjusting to the fish's bio-lode. I did a large 50% water change and a 20% one today and my ammonia tested 0ppm which was good- hopefully it will stay like that! I am going to test my water daily until I read no ammonia from doing 20% water changes as needed or more :)

so, before I even started the flagyl treatment, his scales have now since gone back to a semi-normal state. I have to feed them 0.5g of medicated gel food daily- and since I don't have a scale that will read below 2g, it is up to estimation which is not good. (any help on figuring this out will be great!) It is hard to get Momo to eat it as he is a little fussy- he will happily eat the pellets! Bubbles on the other hand will eat anything, so I am going to start feeding them separately to make sure I don't over-dose as he was eating momo's share today)

Hopefully they will both be very healthy from now as it is tough to deal with things like these! and expensive- the vet bill for Momo cost $140, so they're not cheap...

I have a feeling Bubbles is getting a little ich as there is about 2 white spots on his tail. I have added the aquarium salt back in to see if that helps :) if not, well I will have to increase the salt :) I would prefer to avoid medications if I can as I rely purely on my filter for beneficial bacteria- I keep a bare bottomed tank to reduce the places bad bacteria can colonise!

Thankfully I got a lot of help from a great person Stakos! And thank you everyone else who helped out! I will post an update after the five day treatment is over :)

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very good...

one thing, keep checking that ammonia as salt will increase ammonia levels in your tank. so make sure you're ontop of that every day. if you're treating ich with salt, you need to have temperatures at 30C ;)

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