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Sorry havent been very active. My first child was born 1/29/2012 at 3:39am so last few weeks have been a handful.

But anywyas I recently purchased a Lionhead, an Oranda with butterfly tail, and a Telescope eye with butterfly tail.

Thought I'd show them off. Pics arent the best but good enough. As you can tell to their is 9 cardinal tetras and 5 white

cloud minnows in there also, but only because the 20gal tanks filter went down and was my only option. Until it can be






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These fish are so beautiful! The little telescope is so darn cute :)

That also is a really interesting shaped tank you have there. I think the close up photos make it look much smaller than it really is.

The thing that I wonder about is the driftwood. Is it making the tank water this tan? Makes me worry about the pH.

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It is a 44gallon. All my water peramiteres are right on. I think the driftwood does make the

water slightly tan, but not nearly as bad in person as the pictures. Also I bought a new 75

gallon tank today hoping to move my goldies over before they get to big. Right now they

have plenty of room and I stay on my water changes to keep everything safe as possible.


Stand Is still underconstruction. Just couldn't see spending $250 for the flimsy stand the LFS had.

When what I have so far cost me $26 and will only be another $25 for a sheet of plywood.

Here some more of current tank a little further out and from the top.



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Congratulations on all your new babies! They fish are cute. I agree it is so much better and cheaper to build your own stands, the pet stores are flimsy and expensive. We picked up some old stereo cabinets from the 60's-70's that work great with a little work. You can usually find them very cheap and solidly made.

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