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Banana Plants!


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I ordered 1 banana plant last summer and they sent me an extra one.. It was very small and sad looking... I have taken down the original hexagon planted apple snail tank (cause it wasn't flourishing and the shape made it really hard to maintain...) SO!! I set up a 10g planted tank and moved some of those original plants over, including the banana plants.. I think the hexagon was too tall for them to get enough light. Now that I've moved them - they've taken off and gone crazy!! They are absolutely my favorites!!

This is them in the first tank - one looking sad, the other was the always the better of the 2.



This is 2 months later - ONLY 2 MONTHS!!




Took the divider out - cause clear doesn't work w/ betta's... And I am rearranging the whole tank while my friend is making me a black divider... While that's in the works and I'm waiting for some new plants to come I'm kinda just letting it go... It does need a good cleaning - which will happen when the new plants get here.

Anyways this is them 3wks after the above pics.




I love these plants! I want a whole tank full!! lol

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