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Baby Coridoras


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A few days ago I found the remains of one of the little guys. I wouldn't doubt it was brought on by me forgetting to feed these guys during Jacqueline's last few days.

However, the remaining five seem fine, but I have noticed that one of them is much paler than the rest. I actually thought there was a dead one in the tank and I tried to fish his body out, when he darted away. He also darkened a bit when he got spooked by the net. I still took him out, together with a normal colored fry and took a few pics.

Not only is the pale guy paler, his eyes are all cloudy. He looks like a blind dog. Tested the params, all is fine. Not sure what his deal is, but he is acting normal, even started nibbling on the pellet in the cup.



There you can see the differences between the pale guy on the top and the regular guy on the bottom. You can even tell in the BG the other fish each looks lighter or darker. The bottom one has the typical eyes like all the other cories, but the top one has those weird cloudy ones. Both photos are taken without camera flash, so it is not reflection in the eyes.


And is it just me, or does the top fish have some creepy resemblance to a bunny? :rofl

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I DO see the resemblance to a bunny! Oh how weird... I wonder if he's blind? The eye I can see sure looks like he might be...

I was wondering that too. It's just a bit difficult to tell if he is blind or not. But I am also glad that I am not the only one who sees the bunny resemblance :rofl

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Fang, I thought of you this morning when I saw this picture. It was taken when I lived in Arkansas, these guys were all over the place. I think it really does look like your corydora!


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