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Perfectly good pump and no idea how to use it?

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Hi everyone,

I'm not a technical whizz. However I need more filtration (especially as my external filter at the moment wont pump more than one filter hmph), and money is pretty tight. I bought this tank a while ago and it came with a perfectly well working pump as well as what appears to be space/equipment for a trickle filter system in the lid. I did try before to make a trickle filter but it was a huge fail. The pump has an outlet for an airline of a certain size I think, and I've tried it with an airstone but it didn't do very much.

1. how does a trickle filter work and can I make it myself?

2. are they any good for goldies?

3. could I use this pump to filter in a different way??? < think this would be the best solution for all.

Have included photos of the top of the tank, the pump from one side, and the bits and bobs I got with it. Reallllyyyy want to get this to work as it seems like a waste to have perfectly good machinery sitting doing nothing.


P2060515 by Tobeapoet, on Flickr


P2060517 by Tobeapoet, on Flickr


P2060518 by Tobeapoet, on Flickr


P2060519 by Tobeapoet, on Flickr


P2060514 by Tobeapoet, on Flickr


P2060516 by Tobeapoet, on Flickr

Somebody was being nosey! :P

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Trickle filters basically just have water running slowly over some bio-media (usually bio balls) in a situation where there is also a lot of air to feed the beneficial bacteria. You can certainly build one yourself--you might do a search for wet/dry filters also. You'd just need a way to drip water down on some media, essentially.

I am having a hard time seeing how this all works together. I think the tube you got with the slotted barrel shape is the intake? Like it's supposed to suck water up through the bottom and then run it back along the top of the tank? The other piece is a spray bar I think but I can't figure where it would go yet.

What happens when you turn the pump on? Where does the water go in and out? What is in the middle chamber after you take everything out? What about the one on the other side of the tank?

Dang. That is a lot of questions. Sorry. :D

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Hi sorry it took ages to reply. The spray bar sits inside the compartment and the tube with the bulb thing on the end goes inside the tank and sucks up water... What I've done before is put filter wool in the compartment and then turned on the pump (with everything attached) and the water came out of the spray bar, through the wool and then trickled into the tank - to be honest it made my tank a bit leaky as water would constantly be on the inside of the lid which isn't permanently sealed to the glass so it'd leak a bit on the corners... annoying!

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Hm. Perhaps you could do what you have been doing, but first silicone in some acrylic or something in the compartment where the water drips back down to redirect it away from the edges?

OR, if you didn't care at all about looks you could make your own wet-dry/trickle filter out of a container (anything that is food-safe and very clean, really) and sit it on top of the tank, if the pump is strong enough. Then you could pump water up to the top through some tubing, drip it over the media in the container (you could reuse your spray bar even), and have it come out a hole in the bottom of the container. You could silicone some tubing into this hole and have the tube guide the water back into the tank and away from the edges of the hood. It would be very DIY but an effective biological filter, I think.

Perhaps other people have some ideas too?

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