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My Agar Gel Food Recipe


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I know alot of us have had problems where it comes to making gel food with agar, so as I was making a batch yesterday, I decided to document it all and post it as a guide to help others :)

Now I probably make it far more complicated than it needs to be with all the fresh veggies, so I guess you can substitute the veggies for baby food or something - but this should at least be a guide for ratios :)

I've been using vegetarian gelatine in powdered form. The first type I tried was Dr Oetker's vege-gel which was actually carrageenan (similar to agar, I think). The second type I tried was a supermarket own brand vege-gel, which was actually agar. It seems to be readily available with other gelatine products in the supermarket, and quite cheap too. They both seemed to work the same.

One thing to add is that my measurements and use of veggies is a rough guide. Normally I don't weigh anything out, I just do it by eye, e.g. 'that looks like enough spinach..' and so on lol. And the specific veggies/fish used are entirely up to you, mine is a little different every time!

This recipe is more than enough to fill an ice cube tray each - one veggie gel food, one fishy gel food.

For the veggie food:

20g spinach

15g lettuce

40g brocolli

25g carrot (peeled and chopped)

30g pepper (peeled and chopped)

25 peas

1 small clove garlic, finely chopped

For the fish food:

10g spinach

10g lettuce

20g brocolli

20g carrot (peeled and chopped)

20g pepper (peeled and chopped)

15 peas

1 small clove garlic, finely chopped

50g tinned salmon

Here's what the piles of veg look like:


I use dechlorinated water to cook the veggies in. I'll usually cook the veggies for both batches together, then roughly divide them again once they're cooked.

I find it easiest to boil the chopped veggies seperately:


Then drain the water into another pan, and cook the leaves. It's just easier to seperate that way:


Make sure to save the water the veggies were cooked in, because you'll need a bit later on. Also, I don't usually cook the garlic, but that's personal preference.

Veggies once cooked and seperated:


Then comes the messy part! Blend the veggies up, adding the salmon to the fishy batch. Sometimes adding a little water here helps to blend everything. Once blended, I add enough water to bring it to just under 300ml of puree:





Then it goes into a cold pan, and I add the agar. Per mixture I use half a sachet of gelatine, which is 5g. Stir in the gelatine into the cold puree until dissolved:


Then put on the heat. Bring to boiling point and simmer for at least 3 minutes, stirring all the time:


Then transfer to a mould. I find keeping the mixture on/off the heat while doing this helpful, as the agar seems to set quite quickly when it cools!


Then repeat that method for the fishy gel food, and tadah! I made a bit too much to fit in the moulds this time, so I left the rest to set in little dishes:


I did this yesterday and fed this to my fish today, and it went down a storm! I know it's a bit of a long winded recipe :P But hopefully it will help out! :)

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see, before, I thought that making your own gel food was really daunting, but after reading your post, I might actually try it! and since I've ordered some koi clay, might mix some of that in too. thanks! :D

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Nice Job....lucky fishes because they got such a dedicated owner

Hi txunade,

Could you please not bring up threads older than 3-4 months. If something is mentioned in an older thread that you wish to discuss, it's best to start a new one.

Thank you.


Welcome to the forum by the way. :)

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Hi dear

Thank you for sharing your recipe. I have some questions;

1- How do you keep the gel food in the fridge? in the deep freeze side of the fridge or just in the fridge?

2 -How long should I store the food in the fridge without spoiling?

3- How often should I feed the fishes with the gel food?


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