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New Tank For the Fishies


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Finally found a tank! It was a good deal and it's in great condition. Rai help me set it up and we went shopping and picked up some gravel and some plants. :D

Acclimating to the new tank's lower Ph.


Raising the bar~



Note the tanks in the background. :rofl

Miss Piggy!





Blood worms!!! (video coming later)

They're all doing great and loving the extra room!!! :D

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Thanks everybody, I feel a lot better that they are now in a big tank. I should have a new filter and a piece of driftwood coming this week. Our well water is quite acid here, so when I went to local pet shop for plants I asked if he had any loose crushed coral I could buy and he just gave me a small bag. They are so nice there and are starting to get nicer goldfish because Rai and I always go in and look at them.I'll probably put 2 filters on so that I can put the crushed coral in the bottom. I'm also using some chemical removing resin because I know we have copper from old pipes in our water and also some oily film. So far the fish are loving the new tank and there have been no problems. I'm still monitoring the ph and ammonia and nitrate levels.

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