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Lovely new camera = lovely new photos

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PC300361 by Tobeapoet, on Flickr


PC300359 by Tobeapoet, on Flickr


PC300357 by Tobeapoet, on Flickr


PC300351 by Tobeapoet, on Flickr


PC300350 by Tobeapoet, on Flickr


PC300349 by Tobeapoet, on Flickr


PC300347 by Tobeapoet, on Flickr


PC300344 by Tobeapoet, on Flickr


PC300339 by Tobeapoet, on Flickr


PC300323 by Tobeapoet, on Flickr


PC300307 by Tobeapoet, on Flickr


P1180419 by Tobeapoet, on Flickr


P1180418 by Tobeapoet, on Flickr


P1180421 by Tobeapoet, on Flickr


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OMG! Your pearlscale rocks! Your others are cuties too. :kewlpics:

My husband just said your pearlie looks like a raspberry! hah ha!

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Thank you - my pearlie is such a little poser which is why I have so many snaps of him. Plus I know he's a favourite on this forum. They really are my pride and joy and have been thriving so much over the last few years :) am glad I can finally get good photos of them to share!

I'll let Pumpkin (calico) know you like her best, noone really tends to like her best over Charlie haha! She has a fan!

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Thanks guys :) Sorry I was away for so long but moving house and new job and so on just prevented me taking pics and posting them. Am glad Pumpkin, the one Kristi likes, has so many fans!

Sakura - yes Freckles used to have wonky eyes so I took a chance on him and luckily for me they have evened out. They used to be out of proportion with his body but now he's so chubby you'd never have known.

Thoughts on my newest addition, the orange telescope?

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Beautiful fishies. Is Pumpkin a watonai? She's my favourite too. So oranage, and such a pretty tail.

I don't think so... when I first got her she was very different colours... she's just a regular fantail I think :)


DSC01234 by Tobeapoet, on Flickr



PC300353 by Tobeapoet, on Flickr


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