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Avoiding Nets.

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Hi - all your tips are so brilliant, I thought I had nothing to contribute! But then it occurred to me that I'd decided a long time ago never to catch Gilbert in a net.

Nets can be harsh and tear fancy goldie's delicate fins, and also I'm sure the trip out of the water and through the air is stressful. So I've used the net to gently herd him into a big (16 oz) yogurt cup I submerge in the tank. Any clean, smooth edged plastic container would work, or you could also use a clear plastic bag, as Dick Mills suggests in "You and Your Aquarium". The plastic bag might be even better than the cup because the fish can't see it and get claustrophobic. Neither one will damage the fins or scales the way a net can. Of course, if your fish are hand-tame, you can just catch them by hand and avoid any other sort of device!


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Good tip. If the fish is small, I use a deep ladle to get them out.

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