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The Telescopes!


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Here's some MORE pictures!!! :D These are focused on the little ones though. :wub:

Merry who's really starting to work my heartstrings lately. :)




Little Pippin, who upon seeing me immediately starts doing this ridiculous wiggle dance (that looks like a seizure because of his tininess) so it's hard to get a picture of him in any pose besides this one:




I'm hoping he'll start to fill out soon. Merry has but Pippin still looks a little thin.


Size difference between Pippin and Julie. :rofl


More size difference:


Andddd Mr. Quaxo, he has a nice straight dorsal despite how this picture makes it look like. :)


And, DONE. :D:heart

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uhh how do you get such amazing pictures! I love the last one of Merry :D

haha, good timing and/or patience!! =)

Is it normal for telescope eyes goldies to have one eye bigger than the other? I saw one of yours has a bigger eye, and some that I was looking at in the petstore I ignored because I thought something was wrong with them :x

They are supposed to be symmetrical. Pippin has one eye that's bigger than the other though. I'm hoping they'll even out as he gets older. Telescope eyes don't appear until the fish are about 3 months old, so I'm hoping they're still growing. :) If not, it's okay, he'll just be wonky and hopefully it won't be any health issue. :D

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