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Lucky you.

Good luck with raising them :)

Mine started to do the love dance but they are still too young and don't have the patience or the time now to have them breed and still haven't seen eggs. One is a white Pearlscale with orange telescope eyes (female) and the other is a calico telescope with tripod tail (male). Maybe it's hard for telescopes to breed... I haven't looked at this subject yet. But i would be really happy to have more pearlscales with telescope eyes.

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Here is my baby at 2.5 weeks

And here he is at 5 weeks :) The horrible sound is the dishwasher

He's eating bloodworms and daphnia and an occasional crumbled up pellet. He gets super excited whenever I come over :) I am guessing that he would be showing tele eyes by now if he had them, the pearls are still a mystery.

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