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A little over a week and a half ago I got these 2 in the mail. The little orange one is Olivia, she will be going to live with my friend in about a month. The big guy is Khem Val (points to you if you know that one :P ) Khem was a christmas gift from another member (who shall rename namless because I don't know if they want the secret revealed), thank you, thank you, thank you <3 <3 <3





Miss Olivia was extremely unhappy when she came out of the bag, she bottom sat for 2 days, then was upside down on the bottom for a day and then the next day I woke up to eggs!!

They were everywhere and I despaired because the tank was bare and I could not save them - until I noticed the make-shift sponge filter! It was just covered in eggs :D I removed it to its own little tub with a very gentle bubbler. Only 2 eggs hatched but I waited a bit before removing the egg covered floss. Eventually the unhatched eggs were so moldy that I removed the to preserve the health of the 2 babies. Yesterday I discovered a 3rd baby! I don't know where he was hiding but I now have a tub with 3 tiny fry and spend a pretty ridiculous amount of time hovering over it with a flashlight to see them :P



These little buggers are very hard to take pictures of! I have first bites for when they start swimming and have called around for brine shrimp eggs but no one in my area seems to have any.

From all my hovering I have concluded that they all appear to have straight spines even though this picture makes it seem otherwise.

I had been calling them franken-fish because of the strange pair their parents make but my friend told me that was a horribly unlucky thing to call them and that the townsfolk would storm my home with pitchforks and fire, so they are now referred to as the "eyeball babies." I am super excited to see what these 3 turn into!!

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They are gorgeous and I can't wait to see what the little ones turn out like, how cool!

edited to add PS where are the chub pics?

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That's like, the greatest gift you can get in the mail. Your so lucky! :wish: Happy birthday little frys.

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Its been 8 days since my fry hatched and I'm down to one :( The other 2 succumbed to something fungal so I scooped out the remaining fry and dumped the tub and refilled it with new water and a dose of methalyne blue. Perhaps it is unnecessary but, hes still alive, so I'm happy. This guy hatched on Friday the 13th so if he survives to a point that I'm sure he will make it I will have to think of an appropriate name.

I can't see him very well from the side because he is in a plastic tub. His spine is straight from the top but slopes down a bit from the side, I don't know if that's normal or not and can't seem to find any pictures to indicate an ideal fry shape.

I made a baby brine shrimp factory out of mason jars and bubbles and it works very well! I hatch way more brine shrimp than one little fish can eat so I might look into a system of growing them out to feed to the big fish.


I have been trying to trick Olivia and Khem into spawning again with frequent water changes and high protein foods. I came home from work today (about 1:30pm) to a cloudy tank and one lone egg on the glass. I inspected both spawning mops and there was no sign of any other eggs. Either they ate them all or maybe Khem misfired...

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