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Cleaned up the Peanut Tank


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I have had an ongoing brown algae problem for a while now, which I am still trying things for. But it got to a point last weekend where I had to do a major overhaul. I took all my rocks out and scrubbed them down. I retied all but my healthiest plants to their rocks (only two of the whole group have attached) and cut off a bunch of dead and dying leaves from my plants. Then I rearranged things, because I had everything out already anyway.



I have a bunch of pennywort floating up in the upper left, as you can see. It's more or less stationed over there by the use of a suction cup which is tied with fishing line to some of the stems. The others are just kind of tangled up in those ones. Seems to be working alright so far.


You can also see a few pennywort stems on the right, where I am experimenting with having a few suction-cupped to the floor of the tank. After pulling about half of them out of the bunches(which is why they look so... lonely), Peanut is now leaving them mostly alone. I may add to their number if it works out.

I moved my saddest anubias plant to the driftwood. It is one of those ones that puts out HUGE leaves and grows very slowly. A while ago, the leaves all started dying so I cut them off and trimmed the roots and left it in the tank like that to see if it would grow. It has since sprouted a baby leaf so I am going to give it a chance on the driftwood. :)

My java fern is looking sad again after rebounding from some transplantation trauma when I first got it. But... it has shown itself to be resilient so here's hoping!


Here is the left side with some sad looking anubias plants. The one with the long leaves has always looked a little funny so that's not entirely my fault. :)

Here are some bonus Peanut pictures! He's rather the speed demon this evening so none of them quite turned out.





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Love the tank! I like the minimalistic approach. And I absolutely LOVE how clear tanks look after a good scrub down! :)

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The light is brand new. It's still a fairly low-light fixture because this will become my QT tank when I move house and upgrade, but I did go for the much better fixture than the 17w t8 the tank came with...

It's like this one, except it's from before it was rebranded from Coralife to Aqueon. I think it's the exact same fixture though. Mine is the 30inch 2x18w one.

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