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Sick Fantail Goldfish


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I am so sorry to hear they didn't make it :( It's hard to lose a friend like that.

I would really urge you to wait until you are able to get an appropriately sized tank before you get more fish (30 gallon if you want two fancies again). I am in no way trying to be rude or upset you. I know it seems crazy that they need so much room, but they really do unfortunately. The problem with waiting for them to grow larger in a small tank before they upgrade is that they won't. Like I said in a previous post, they emit a growth inhibiting hormone that stunts their growth when they are kept in a tank that is two small. There are a couple different theories on what this process does to their internal organs (one is that the internal organs continue to grow, despite small body size, so internal organ damage eventually occurs leading to dropsy and death, the second is that the internal organs are also stunted and small and eventually unable to support life properly, leading to premature death). And then there is just the issue of the amount of waste these fish produce. It's just ridiculous how much ammonia these little fish produce, so they really do need a large water volume to dilute it.

If you are unable to have a large tank where you live you might consider keeping a betta, or perhaps other small tropical fish that do not require as much room and don't produce enough waste. If you are interested in this at all we have a tropicals section on the forum and can help with stocking ideas :)

I do hope you stick around. This really is a helpful and knowledgeable community (and honestly the kindest forum you will find :) )

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I'm so sorry :(

Many of us here started out inexperienced and overstocked (just look at this http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/82688-who-started-out-overstocked/)

The best you can do is learn from your mistakes and move on. :hug

The good news is you've come to a fantastic place where you'll get the best advice for how to care for goldfish, so please don't be too discouraged and stick around.

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I'm very sorry to hear about your fish. Whether they have scales or fur, pets are our companions and their company is missed when they are gone.

I know where you're coming from on all this "big tank" for "small fish" business. I didn't believe it when I started out nearly two years ago. My first adventure in fish keeping began with 3 guppies in a 4 gallon, un-cycled tank. My kids watched all three die within 20 days. I didn't add prime. I didn't cycle. I overfed. And I thought that all of the good advice I received from experienced aquarists was over-reactionary nonsense. I mean for cry in' out loud! Why should three little fish require all this care! In the end, my hubris killed those three fish.

The reality is that these folks are right. You have to buy a tank based on the adult size of the fish, not the juvenile size (which is what you find 95% of the time in pet stores). It's also way more healthy for the fish if you cycle the tank first... that means several weeks of an empty, running tank until it cycles. It means getting a quality, liquid drop test kit so you can stay on top of your water parameters. It means regular water changes and tank cleaning. Crikey!!! All that just for one or two little fish!!! Yup!



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