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Some pics


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Just a couple of quick snapshots. :)

Gimli says "Sup!"


This is a terrible picture of Beelzebub. He's such a little jerk but I love him so much. :lol


Here's one of Herp (not to be confused with his pal Derp) in his favorite resting spot. His hobbies include chasing Derp and the corys in mad circles and playing dead and scaring me to death.


For the FTS lovers, here you are.


And moving across the room now, I've started stocking the cichlid tank. :)


Lights off with flash



This poor little guy (gal?) hasn't really developed his (her?) colors yet, but I think s/he's just adorable. :heart


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Thank you guys! I have put a lot of work into the trop tank so I love showing it off. :D

Herp is driving me nuts! He keeps playing dead. I think it's because I only have two of them now. :( I want to get two more, but I want to wait until Marilou is out of QT so I can QT them in her tank. He'll go to that spot in the pic and then flop over on his side. My daughter will come running MOM I THINK THE YOYO LOACH IS DEAD!!! I'll go and watch him, see his gills moving, and then suddenly he'll get up and swim off and start rooting through the gravel. I also think I'm going to return the white skirt tetras because I have a strong suspicion they are dyed. The lady at the store told me they bred them that way, but I'm reading they can breed them blue and pinkish but not orange and yellow like I have. Grr. They are a huge pain to catch, so that will be fun. I think I will get a larger school of neons instead since my angels seem to be leaving them alone and I love how they look against the plants. I was worried the angels would eat them but they haven't. That way the larger fish will stand out more, too, and it won't be so crowded.

Also, the cichlids are smart. They have already figured out that when the lights come on, it's time to eat and they all come out of the rocks and swim towards the top. :D I'm going to add two more yellow labs and about six more demasoni, but I am waiting for my second filter to come. Danging Amazon super saver slow as molasses shipping!

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