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My Fishies (lots & lots of pics!)


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My Blue Ranchu.

As can be seen in pics he keeps 'threatening' to do a colour change but thankfully never happens.

Hes a really good chunky size now.



My Calico Fantail



These two I have had for about 2 years or so.

Now to my Shubunkin

I saw him, I HAD to have him.

I love his all black round eyes and that he is all see through.



And to make him even more "special" he has a crushed in top lip.

Iv taken him out and tried to 'pop' it back but its never worked.

So now they get a diet of flakes as well as Hikari so this guy gets to eat. xxxx





My little white Fantail

When I first got him afew months ago he was about 2cm small and dint look very "Fishy" at all really.



As he's getting bigger

He's still real small compaired to the others but doing reallly well


Had the last 3 since August last year

And finally the two newbies



Orange Oranda



All of them together

(Best I could get for now)


Their new 280lt tank

(according to my convertor thats 74 US Gallons)


I havent filled the tank up to the top just yet as Im not sure the old stand can hold all that weight.

So Im waiting to get some bricks to put in the hollow bit of the stand and at the back where it over laps just to be on safe side. :)

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Thanks everyone :)

I dont drive so its just a waiting game on when I can get the bricks delivered to me from my friends :/

But theres still tons of room in there for them as it is now... so yeah cant wait to fill it full and see them with all that extra extra room...

Im going to get a better daytime pic' of the tank in a bit and post it on this thread. :)

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Love the shape of your tank :) Your babies are precious, I especially LOVE your shubunkin, he is so sweet with those huge black button eyes :heart. Thanks for sharing Part One (not a hint or anything) :D

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Thanks every one :)



Iv gota get a new stronger filter.

But its got to be an internal one.

And I wona get a piece more Bog wood for the right side and afew more plants

but other wise that'll do me for now.

Just cant wait to fill it. :)

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Thanks Shaw' and Mol' :)

I do like those pics too yeah.

Just a shame they'r not to clear as at the moment I only have my rubbish 5mp phone camera.

My camera screen broke :/

I'll have to get that sorted soon.

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AWww thanks every one... :)

The Blue Ranchu is pretty special.

He's getting a nice size too.

Hoping he goes through a good growing spurt in the new big tank too. :)

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