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Youre not gonna believe this!

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October 2010 I "rescued" 3 goldfish from a one gallon container on Craigslist and sent them to my LFS (a very trustworthy place). Their pictures are seen here:



I've been preparing my tank for goldies again and today I went to my LFS. On my way there I decided that if a fish didn't "claim" me I wasn't going home with one today...

Turns out, no one wants a tiger eyed shubunkin cross. So now he's back in my tank for good (don't worry, I've got enough filtration and space for the one fish). It's the same fish, a year bigger and with more spots.


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how awesome! and what's even more cool is that an LFS has kept a goldie alive for over a year :) they must be one of the few that actually care for goldfish.

They do, it's why I like them so much. They even know the difference between celestial, telescope, and black moor (although they separate the moor out into black moor and some sort of "chinese black satin" named fish).

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