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Dual canisters on 36 gallon

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So I was all set and ready to run a Eheim Ecco Pro and an AC70, and then I started thinking, "what about running dual canisters?"

I'm really attracted to the idea of 2 canisters, but thought maybe I'd see how other people felt about that. Am I correct in assuming they'd be quieter and require less maintenance?

The only drawback I see is that they cost more. Any other cons to this idea?

Thanks for your input, ;)

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Hi! So, I asked this same question just recently because I have been considering going all canister for my tank. I currently run an AC70 and an Eheim Ecco pro, and I think it is really a great set up. I just was interested in being able to move my tank closer to the wall lol.

So, it seems as though there really aren't necessarily cons to running two canisters. In my opinion, maintenance on a canister can be slightly more difficult than on the AC. I honestly dread opening that thing up every month to rinse the filter media just because it is more involved that the AC (you have to unscrew hoses, it's heavy, you have to make sure you put it back together correctly etc.). And then the other issue is getting enough gph for your tank. There seems to be no real consensus on how much gph you should have if you are running just canisters. Obviously you should aim for 10x, (the more the better), but I have seen it suggested that you can go with slightly less gph with canisters (think 6-8x gph), because they hold so much more media.

I will be interested to hear which way you decide to go.

Here's the link to my post : http://www.kokosgold...__fromsearch__1

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