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I FINALLY found one I liked :)


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Well it was quite the search but I finally found a betta that I liked enough to bring home :) I had to venture in the rain to the lfs 1 hour away but it was worth it :)

He is young still and quite skittish. It was such a hard choice as they have many amazing ones to choose from. It was between the one I got and a more natural colored one with super flowy fins. I really wanted a pretty blue. The areas of his fins that look like notches missing are actually white.

Here he is still in his bag acclimating. I'm glad that I took this as he is now hiding.


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Thanks everyone! :)

He had me pretty freaked out last night as he was super scared and almost jumped out of the tank and then just hid behind the filter box.

I just got home from work and am happy to report that he is now cautiously exploring his tank :)

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