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While I had the camera out, got some pics of the tropical tank


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Thanks, guys! Fang, that could take a while. :rofl There are a LOT of fish in there, it was already looking really full then the 10g inhabitants went in there so I could QT my new goldie.

4 angels (1 big, 3 juvies)

3 yoyo loaches

2 platys

3 emerald green cories

6 neons

4 glo fish (lost two the first day ... both purple, go figure)

1 dwarf gourami

and about 14 of the white skirt tetras

So far the biofilter seems to be holding up. There was a teeny bit of ammonia in there earlier when I tested but it's gone back down to 0 in the last 5 hours or so. However, I just did a water change yesterday of about 40% and already the nitrate is back up to 10 so I think I might need to do every other day water changes. I'm trying to heal up the big angel's fins. He came home pretty beat up.

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