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Just how tough are Comet and Common Goldfish?

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Saw a sight that made me shudder a little yesterday. I was picking up my daughter from her friend's house and noticed a small aqarium in her friend's room, on the dresser....maybe 15 gallons. No light on, and a water level that was about an inch below the bottom edge of the top plastic trim. In other words, sort of pathetic.

Imagine my horror when I suddenly realized that what I saw from a distance in the tank were 2 large goldfish!!

Turned out to be a gorgeous (but kinda pale) orange Comet with a huge tall tail, and an all white Common. Both about 6" long.

Upon closer inpection, gravel that was about 3" deep, and in the back corner, one bubbler tower with a little carbon granule housing on the top......you know, like you'd use in a 10 gallon tank with a few neon tetras in it. Holy mamma, I about fell over.

The best is yet to come. The girl is 12 and she's been keeping these fish for 9 years, since bringing them home from the fair in plastic baggies.

I finally got the nerve to ask about water changes. Oh, about every 2 weeks. Hey, a least she was doing them. She also said they'd gotten sick before and she and her dad had looked up online about what to do and cured them.

So that's my story. Time to rewrite Kokos: Single tails only need 7gals each, and a bubbler sucking on an under gravel fitler and 3" deep gravel is more than good. Feed often by sprinkling some flakes on top of the water, and change the water when you get a chance! No need for water testing or treat either.

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That's just the thing with single tails: these buggers are tough! They are more likely to survive this horror than a little fancy would be, even though they "technically" would do better in there.

That's the reason why whenever we read about a fish that lived in a bowl for 20 years, it usually is a single tail. I really don't remember a single similar story about a fancy goldfish.

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