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Any good ways to introduce fresh or cooked veggies?


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Hello all! Sorry my first topic was rambley lol. Anyway, I want to get my goldies to start eating some fresher food. I have them on Hikari pellets and I soak them in warm water for about 10 minutes before I put them in because some of my fish are to small to eat them whole.

I put veggies in there sometimes and they never really seem interested in it. They just look at it and are like, "whatever" and swim away lol.

Any ideas? A veggie clip? Cook them more?

Thank you in advance.

P.S.- how do I put a display picture? It says I'm not allowed to mess with my settings. Is it in there I guess?

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You have to have a certain amount of posts first. 25 or so I think? There is a topic about it... here you go! http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/94336-user-permission-levels-new-to-the-form/

About the veggies, I blanch them for my fish, or quick "steam" them in the microwave in a shallow plate with some water. You can make them tastier to the fish by adding some fresh crushed garlic, or garlic powder while cooking the veggies. Goldfish are usually crazy for garlic.

I would just cook the veggie and put it on the veggie clip, and then not feed them anything else. You can leave the veggie in the tank for at least 2 days. During that time they will usually start to get even softer and more attractive to the fish.

If you feed cucumber, zucchini etc, make sure you peel them. The peel is too hard for them, even cooked.

My fish do not eat carrot. They nibble on it a bit, but they really don't like it much. Their absolute favorites are spinach and zucchini. :)

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