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The new plants


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Here a few pics. The plants are still young, so not overly tall, but almost all of them are fast growing. So I know that in a few weeks there will be a lot more density, and much taller plants.

Still, I am already quite happy with how it looks :)

Full shot


The vals are my favorites. They look so amazing! I definitely want to get more of them and make this area larger, as well a adding a second val area on the left side of the tank.

You also see the narrow leaf anacharis to the vals' left, and some bacopa caroliniana (sp?) in the right front corner.


The anacharis "bushes"


This one shows the brazilian pennywort to the right, the potted crypt by the driftwood, and the giant hygrophilia behind the crypt


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Oh, wow. What a lush and gorgeous tank! I love it, and now you've given me the urge to get plants! :D

I can't wait to see the tank in a few weeks when they've settled in and grown. I bet this tank will be supplying the occasional fresh salads to the goldies :P

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It looks great! And makes me with my plants would grow in faster. Some vals that heather sent me sent off runners in transit lol

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Yeah, I got some like that too! And I could swear, when I just rearranged the vals, their roots were much shorter yesterday! LOL

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