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The Big Fishies!


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I was finalllllllly able to get some good pictures of my big fishies tonight!! These three guys, or should I say girls. Well, Quaxo's a boy. Pretty sure Sherby and Julie are both girls though. But anyway, on to the pics!! :D



If anyone has the photoshop skills to get rid of that rabbit hair fuzz^ I would be SOOOO HAPPPEHHHH! :heart


D'awww!! ^o^


Julie kinda looks like a ratty teddy bear plushie at the moment, haha~~ Poor baby. :heart


Curseee youu orange spot!!!!!! O< :rofl


Pretty Sherby's almost all orange/red/yellow on this side now! I'd loveeee to get babies from her. :)


Anddd a kinda cool pic of Pippin nibbling on my finger. Hehe, at one point all three of them were all nibbling on my one finger, it was SOOO cute! But my camera didn't flash in time. :(

Thank you for looking! Love you guys! :)

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You have some wonderful Goldies Rai; I love your third picture, it is so sweet! :wub:

The fifth picture (Julie?) is really cool... you can see the reflection of the scale rays, for lack of a better word. Like miniature, perfect sea shells. :)

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