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Some pics of much happier fish

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So the kids have grown (especially Bob!) and they are SO much happier now that their tank is cycled. Here's a few snapshots from my phone.

Also introducing the new Sally, because I don't think I've shown pics of her before.

Here's Night Fury and Sally (with Bob's butt)


Bob and Sally


Bob, Rosie and Sally wondering why I am standing there and not giving them any food. I love Sally's little flopped over dorsal :heart


Night Fury showing you his grumpy face


And my beautiful Bob :heart


Thanks for looking!

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She was in the fantail/ryukin tank at the store. But then I noticed she had a much different head shape than the other "ryukin" (who's probably just a fantail) Rosie, and then after a few weeks it started looking like she was starting to grow a wen, so I'm glad to have confirmation!

Thanks for looking/commenting you guys. :)

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aww look at nighturys grumpy face :) i love Sally and she does look like an oranda to me oo :) and your Bob is just a cutie ;) congrats on the cycled tank :) can we have a full tank shot maybe???please ;)

Night fury has the biggest frown, it is so cute.

So you ask, I provide! Happily! Even though I'm not really happy with the decor of the tank for the moment. lol

Here's a video of the whole tank.

And here's my view from the couch.


Yes, they dug up the plant AGAIN and it is floating because it's freezing and I do not want to stick my hands in there right now lol

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