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Angelfish all around!


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Some of my dad's angelfish. For the new members-- my dad breeds angelfish that we sell to local fish stores. :) We only have one tank of fry at the moment, but we have eggs so more are on the way!! :D

Horrible pictures, I apologize. Angelfish are realllly hard to take pictures of-- well at least harder than goldfish. :rofl And my dad's tanks aren't that clean.... sorry. :(

Our main male; about 6-7 inches from top to bottom:



Our main female-- about 5-6 inches from top to bottom (not that you can tell here, but it's cute!! lol)


Black male about 5-6 inches as well-- his bodies about the size of a baseball though:


55 gallon with a few gold babies we haven't sold yet-- these are our oldest right now and about 3 inches.


My favorite baby-- we're not sure if the knotch in his tail was bitten when he was little or if it's a fault (there used to be two knotches but the other one grew back) Anyway, he's my fav and I told dad he couldn't sell him. :rofl I've I had my eye on him since he was dime size. :D


This is another 55 gallon divided in half between two pairs.







They really are that rainbow in real life, :)

We also have a 29 with a pair in it that have the eggs right now-- didn't want to disturb them. And also a tank full of about a month old fry.

Thanks for looking!!! :D:heart

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They are gorgeous! I see your dad prefers smokies ;)

Ahaha, actually he prefers golds. We don't know why-- he spends the majority of his time taking care of the golds. Mum and I like the smokies. :) They're soooo pretty!!!!!

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