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my supplier's goldfish.. visited today


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i visited my supplier today. he has received some new fish.. unfortunately no telescopes.. which is what i had in mind to come home with.. but, i secured a ryukin that will be released from QT next week..

it's at 1:23 mainly orange on the head (calico) with black striped tail.,. huge :fbottom:

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Those fish are completely awesome. Wow! :clapping:

*glances over at tank full of $4 and the one $0.27 fish and reassures them that they're awesome too*

They are, believe me. :) A fish isn't more awesome just because you paid for it what would feed a third world family for half a year :rofl

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they white "ranchu" at the end of the vid is a lionhead.. he kept saying it's a ranchu (and we don't upset geoffrey, he's a good supplier :heart ) so we call it a ranchu :tomuch:

i prefer the spotted ranchu i filmed at the begining of that tank.

irrespective of that, he asks me if i've ever seen a white ranchu.. in order to keep his momentum going, i said "no" but we all know, i have one :P we also know she's slowly turning orange *sigh*

i chose the Ryukin i mentioned because i have room in my tank for her and needed another female.

the only fish that is not a telescope in the tiny totts tank is snag (the ranchu) and rocky (the fancy).. so after brining the ryukin i have secured home tomorrow. my focus will now be telescopes :)

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