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i done a BAAD BAAD thing... but i have pics!

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SOOOO the day before thanksgiving me and my bf went to check out a new pet store where i was VERY impressed with the fish it was a small place with only a few types of fish the guy had a tank of feeders who were ALL Healthy and i mean not a single one was swimming funny or had clamped fins or NOTHING all active and happy looking soooo i picked one out for Marchello she was only a quarter anyways and decent sized i named her betty minnow.

but then we had to take a stop at wally world and what did my little heart desire there? 2 beautiful fncy fishies i could NOT resist i mean i could not! i got a little chocolate/orange calico oranda who was sooo happy and followed my fingers every where! then in the black moor tank was a tele who is deff NOT a black moor and was soooo lovely i HAD to have it.

sooooooo my 80 gallon has not yet cycled (GULP) and all i had was a 20 gallon QT so to help things along i took some water and media from a 20 gallon tank i have for my nephew with a moonlight gourami in it(its been set up for the past 5 years with only the gourami in it) plus im doing daily water tests so far i have only had 2 bad readings and 95 percent water changes did the trick!

i know i should QT new fish but the way i figure it all of them are new in a new tank

okok youve waited long enough here are a few of the more decent pics i was able to get of them!

this is the little oranda and betty minnow both are still a bit nervous being in such a huge new tank and the first few days stayed mroe toward the back


little marchello whom i also said eh why not and added him to the 80 gallon as well at elast untill i get the green water tub up and running then him and betty will be the first to try it out.





and here is the lovely little tele!! im so totally in LOVE with this little fish i swear its the freindliest little thing i ever met!! first day home it was nibbling on my fingers!




plus its sooo photogenic! i put the camera up to the tank and in he swms!


everyone is getting along great!


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Well, they sure are cute!! I hope you don't have any problems. I know how hard it is to be patient with new fishies!!


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HAHA. Youre funny! They're sooo cute. My favorite is the black and red tele. :)

I think as long as you watch you parameters you're good. And that one little one...he's SO tiny!

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thanks everyone! i deff lucked out on the tele as i rarely ever see teles other then black moors around! i also thought this little one was intresting in its body shape as its not very round but alot leaner body almost like a common but jsut a wee bit chunkier with a full tummy it looks like a skinny fancy with a normal tummy it looks quite thin

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Cuties! Good luck with them. I would still run normal qt on them as a group (salt and prazi)...better safe than sorry.

yup i am in the big tank with salt anyways for now as i havent been able to find prazi anywhere locally so next week im going to order some from a catalog

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