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Sucky Fishie video feature


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He was sucking on the front glass before and didn't care about me sitting right next to the tank, so I decided to take a nice closeup video of him.

It's just a photo camera, so the video is not perfect, but I tried to show how he is covered in many little spikes. You can see inside his mouth, and his gill movement. Tip of nose to tip of mouth he is 7 1/4 inches long. Still rather small for a common pleco, but with living up to 15 years, he has a long way to go to double in length. :D

Gawd I love this fish!

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Cool! I might need to get a Pleco or two to deal with this brown algae outbreak I've been having in my tank... >.>

Most plecos don't eat brown algae. They might eat it when part green is mixed in. Also make sure to not get a common pleco like mine, but rather a bristlenose or rubberlip :)

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