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two new boys


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while i went to the LPS and got a new goldy i also had to swing by wally world to get my water conditioner and sadly i found all there bettas in cups pushed back behind the tank deco becuase of this no one seen them and there was about 10 of them there water was so nasty you couldnt hardly see them thru the cups :( i HAD to take a few but lack of money forced me to only be able to take two. i was quite worried that putting them into clean water was going to kill them but its been a few days now and so far so good! both fish are actualy eating gel food very very well! i think im going ot be making them there own useing mosr blood worms.

but anyways this is them doing very well!.

this guy is in my 10 gallon planted tank which i was saving to be a shrimp tank but will do that later on



this guy is in a3 gallon cube tank (shhh dont tell but hes my favorite!)




i found it strange how each camera setting made him look a differant color! hes really not so pink in real life but more white/yellow

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Nice new fishes! :D

Aslong as the blue guy doesnt have a problem with shrimps you could still put them in his tank, alot of bettas dont bother with them but its really luck of the draw i think

these new Bettas are making me think about replacing the one I recently lost.... ughh!!! tempatation!

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